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This page is for photos of community members and activities! Submit your photos with a description and we will post them here!

Palmetto House in Pointe-au-Chien
circa 1930-1940 (Speck Collection)

A political gathering; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Let's fill this album with pictures old and new!

Alligator Bone Dress

Send us pictures that we can feature on our site! We would love to have pictures of community members to showcase! Here is a picture of Patty Bohnee and Missy Billiot participating in the Gathering of Communities in the Summer of 2001, they are wearing traditional one-shoulder Alligator bone dresses.


Sept. 2001, Grand Bois Powwow.
Dancers from Pointe au Chien participating at GrandBois included Georgie Ferguson, Patty Ferguson Bohnee, Donna Ferguson, and Missy Billiot. Patty Ferguson Bohnee from our community served as head lady!

During the powwow, there was a Naming and Blessing Ceremony for the new babies. The ceremony was conducted by Father Rock Naquin, Morning Dove, and Albert Naquin. Babies from PACIT included Asia "FuchiOsi" Ferguson, and Marion "Tekakwitha" Stewart. The Ferguson family sponsored a feed and a giveaway for the honoring. Proud parents are shown in the picture to the right during an Honor Song:

Tribal Sign

A political gathering; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Send your picture in to be featured here!

Katie Billiot South Terrebonne Homecoming Queen 06
Picture from

Donald Dardar

Emary Billiot

just me

Georgie Ferguson in 2001.


Julian Ferguson's birthday party at LIHA in Spring 2001.