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Pointe-au-Chien Indian Tribe Needs

Short term:

•Ice for food storage

•Bottled Water


•Gas Cans


•Cleaning Supplies

-Clorox Bleach

-Garbage Bags



-Large squeegees with handles






-Disinfectant spray


-Damp Rid

-Hand sanitizer

-Safety goggles

-Glass cleaner

-Toilet brushes

-Paper products

-Scrapers:  all sizes

-Liquid Washing Detergent

-Dishwashing Liquid

-Baking Soda

•Safety goggles


•Nonperishable food


•window unit air conditioners

•Gas-powered pressure washers

•Non-latex gloves

            •Work gloves

            •Wheel barrows




•Rubber boots

•Hygiene Products

•Baby Products


            -Baby Wipes

            -Baby Formula

•Building Supplies

            -Roofing materials



            -Home Depot Gift Cards

-Lowe's Gift Cards

•Household items for flooded and water-damaged homes








•School Supplies

•School Uniforms

•Volunteers for the following:

-Debris Removal

-FEMA assistant:  A volunteer with laptop and internet access (cell phone modem) to assist residents with FEMA registration and to collect and publish relief and recovery information


-Gut and repair homes


Mid term:

•Crews of roofers for sheet metal installation

•Assess damage to fleet and to clear Bayou Pointe-au-Chien


Long term:

•Donations for long-term rebuilding

Community Building with library and to serve as safe-haven

•Elevation money

•Engineers to advise on storm-hardening structures

Coastal Preservation and Flood Protection

•Federal Recognition to help preserve the community

Donations can be sent to the
Pointe-au-Chien Indian Tribe
PO Box 416
Montegut, LA 70377

All donations will support the Tribe in our cultural preservation and rebuilding efforts. 

Deliveries can be made to
Pointe-au-Chien Indian Tribe
793 Aragon Road
Montegut, LA 70377

The Pointe-au-Chien Indian Tribe and the Isle a Jean Charles Band of Biloxi Chitimacha are working together to provide resources to our communities.  We are also coordinating with the Louisiana Coastal Tribes Coalition.  For 18-wheeler or larger deliveries, please contact us to coordinate the deliveries:
Please call:  Pointe-au-Chien Relief Supply Coordinators
                     Bernice Billiot, (985) 856-6067
                     Theresa Dardar (985) 688-8145
Pointe-au-Chien Indian Tribe
Isle a Jean Charles Band of BCCM
100 Dennis Street
Montegut, LA 70377
Please email or call before making delivieries to find out the status of flooding and to prepare for the unloading. 
Chief Albert Naquin:
Chairman Charles Verdin,
If you do not receive a quick response, please email tribal attorney Patty Ferguson at or Chairman of the Louisiana Coastal Tribes Coalition, Chief Randy Verdun at  The lack of response may be from the work in the field, power outages, or a number of other reasons.  We appreciate your support!