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Volunteers Needed to Help in the Response to Gustav and Ike
Contact:  Pointe-au-Chien Indian Tribe and your inquiry will be directed to the appropriate relief coordinator

Update on Volunteers for September 27-28
Over 25 indivudals volunteered to help clean up yards and homesd.  It was a great success and very uplifting.
See Message Regarding Invitation: 
On behalf of the Louisiana Coastal Tribes Coalition, I extend an invitation to help clean up, this coming Saturday and Sunday.   I want to make a special call-out to the Student Hurricane Network, Four Directions, Grace Chapel and other organizations to start your organizing and come and help.  We have hundreds of families and homes in four different communities to save.  Please adopt your own community if you wish to do an independent effort.  See the website for more specific contact info for tribal chiefs in the different communities.
Gutters:  We will meet  at 8 a.m. on both days, and caravan to the communities.  We will line up on 7001 Freret Street in New Orleans, in front of Tulane's Tilton Library, and drive down together.  All with cars and trucks are asked to drive, as others will need rides.  I am quite sure we will have space for all.
Saturday, we will distribute especially made hurricane helpers tee-shirts for you, identifying you as with this effort, and the Cajun Tujours and friends have volunteered to entertain us as well!  I will cook a big pot of red beans, but you are encouraged to bring your own provisions and supplies.
You should bring rubber boots and a pair of gloves (although we have some extra gloves) and are encouraged to bring whatever mucking supplies you may have (flat shovels, dollies, wheelbarrows, squeegies, mallets).  Also, you may wish to bring other products and supplies to leave there for those in need.
If you can not meet us in New Orleans at 6, we will all be meeting at PRI's Seafood on Oak Point Road, at the end of Highway 665, in lower Pointe-Aux-Chenes at 8 am to begin working, directions below.  To get there, take US Hwy 90 west to Houma.  Exit Hwy. 182, (first Houma exit from new orleans) go left.  Then go left onto Hwy. 3087.  Take Hwy. 3087, cross the tall bridge at the very end and go left on Highway 24.  Hwy. 24 passes the Houma airport and then crosses the bayou.  Stay on Hwy 24, maintaining a southernly direction.  In Bourg, Hwy 24 turns into Hwy 55 if you stay straight.  Stay straight onto hwy 55, again, going in a southernly direction.  Make a left onto Hwy. 665 and go past the modern community, past the open marsh, until you come into lower Pt. Au Chien.  Make the only possible left onto Oak Pt. Road, and the Seafood place is about 1/2 mile down.  Can't miss it and we can't miss you, even if you miss that last turn.  
Superhumans Rick Lockett [] 773.412.4731 of Tulane Law School and Nathalie Dajko [] have kindly agreed to coordinate your response and address your questions.  Please tell  them if you  or your organization are in, if you are driving, how many  friends  you are bringing and what supplies  (if any) you may have.  Michelle Matherne and Emily Pitre from the community will help coordinate  volunteers. Michelle's email address if     
Suppliers and Donors:  If you wish to donate gutting and cleaning supplies, Bernice Billiot and Theresa Dardar will be in charge of receiving cleaning and other supplies for our community. Their phone # are Bernice Billiot (985)  856-6067 and Theresa Dardar (985)  688-8145.  If you wish to make a financial contribution to the effort, please do, as the need greatly outstrips what we have.  Please visit the lctci website or, both tax deductible organizations that have specific earmarks for hurricane relief, or contribute directly to the tribe
The Point-Au-Chien is part of the Louisiana Coastal Tribes Coalition, which coordinates relief, recovery and rebuilding efforts with other tribal communities in South Louisiana.  The LCTC tribal communities are completing needs assessments that will be used to allocate your energies and match supplies to volunteers, again, to begin next weekend.  Please visit to stay tuned and learn more.
We continue to welcome all forms of supplies.

Volunteers -- September 27-28 are requested.  To sign up, please contact the Pointe-au-Chien Volunteer Coordinators:
Michelle Matherne and Emily Billiot Pitre
Contact Michelle at
Information about future volunteer opportunities will be posted here. 
The Tribe will be accepting volunteers to help clean up, gut, and repair homes. 

---------Volunteer Coordination for Weekend of Sept. 20-21, 2008----------

The Pointe-au-Chien and the Isle Jean Charles, Bayou Lafourche, and Grand Calliou/Dulac Bands of the Biloxi Chitimacha, through the Louisiana Coastal Tribes Coalition, are working together to rebuild their communities and share resources.  These tribes cover all of the southern coastal indigenous communities and this coalition will help make a successful recovery more likely.

Thus, on behalf of the Louisiana Coastal Tribes Coalition, I extend an invitation to help clean up the Pointe-au-Chien Indian Community (as we have first stockpiled resources there), located on the extreme southern end of highway 665, this coming Saturday and Sunday.  We will meet Chairman Charles "Chuckie" Verdin at PRI’s seafood, on Oak Pointe Road (the Lafourche side of Bayou Chien) at 8 am.  We will work to about 5. 

Assuming the authorities and residents don’t object, some of you have indicated that you want to camp out there and wake up to help on Sunday.  First, we will set you up at the end of the road as there is room and a beautiful vista.  Sun sets at 7:00, and the area will be totally dark by 8.  At 10:40, the moon will rise, lighting the area a good bit (unless it is cloudy), which should carry through sunrise.  We will have plenty of marsh grass and wood for you to burn ;-). 

To make your experience better, I think we may well have tee-shirts for you, and the Cajun Tujours and friends have volunteered to entertain us as well!  I will try and scrounge up a big pot of gumbo or red beans, but no promises.  This all being said, if you want to stay, bring your own provisions and supplies. 

Later, we will send you specific directions.  If enough of you don’t have private transport, I will try and get a bus.  If you know where to get a bus, let us know!

For those traveling from New Orleans: I have learned that 20 Tulane anthropology students want to come on Sunday, a few on Saturday.  Both days, let’s meet on Freret Street next to the Tilton Library at 6 am, regardless of whether you are bringing your own car or riding in a bus.  We can caravan together.  Can your org select a point person, can you join them/us and can your point person give me a number and the group to which you identify (e.g. Tulane law, Student Hurricane Network, Loyola Clinic)?  I would like to see many more on Saturday and of course Sunday too if you can.  We will get buses to get you there.  But I must have a firm number by Thursday evening for planning purposes. 

Finally, and again, please tell me if you are in, how many you are bringing and what supplies you may have.  I have a bunch of “yeah, i’m there!” but no specific numbers.  YOU NEED RUBBER BOOTS AND PLEASE BRING A PAIR OF GLOVES AND YOUR OWN FOOD AND WATER (as we don’t want to consume the thin supplies the residents may have).