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Connecting on a personal level is an important part of keeping our community strong. On this page we'll present some details about our goals as a community and the people behind the action.



The Tribe is governed by a Nine-Person Tribal Council, a Chairman and a Second Chairman.  We also have a Secretary and Treasurer with specific duties as set forth in our Tribal Constitution.  Elections are held every two years.  The last election was in July 2015.   



Charles Verdin, Sr.

Second Chairman

Donald Dardar 


Michelle Billiot Matherne


Missy Verdin




Earl Billiot

Jake Billiot

Basile Dardar

Arthur Billiot

Arline Naquin

Eugene Billiot

Christine Verdin

Melissa Viguerie

Bernice Billiot

This site is being built by members of the PAC community who care about what happens, and who want to encourage active participation by tribal members in tribal politics and issues concerning our community.

We Need Pictures!

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The Elders oversee the Actions of the Tribal Council and are highly regarded members of the Tribal Community.

Brenda Billiot

Esther Billiot

Laurencia Billiot

Theresa Billiot

Anna Lou Hernandez

Earline Verdin

Wallace Verdin

Oral History Committee
-The Oral History Committee conducts, translates, and transcribes oral hisotry interviews. 
Chairperson Theresa Dardar
Esther Billiot
Membership Committee
-The Membership Committee reviews membership applications and forwards recommendations to the Council.  The Membership Committee works with the Tribal Secretary to ensure that the membership roll is current. 
Chairman Laurence Billiot
Vice-Chairman Robbie Verdin
Leroy Billiot
Patrick Verdin
Emily Pitre
Geneva LeBoeuf
Social Committee
-The Social Committee organizes bi-annual social events for the Tribe.
Jake Billiot
Earl Verdin
Emary Billiot
Donald Dardar
Bazile Dardar
Relief Committee
-The Relief Committee organizes and coordinatest tribal response to natural and unnatural disasters that impact tribal members. 
Charles Verdin, Sr.
Donald Dardar
Basile Dardar
Jake Billiot
Christine Connor
Earl Billiot
Melissa Billiot
Alton and Bernice Billiot

Our Location

Pointe Au Chien Tribe
PO Box 416
Montegut, LA 70377